About Me

Hi everyone!

I have always loved to work with my hands. I love to build things that are way out of my league and to get them almost right. Then I make another one, and another one, and another one. Until I finally have a product that I am proud of. 

Working full time meant that sometimes this journey took a few weeks, or months, or I had to just give up on it altogether. But with the year of 2020 having different plans for my full time employment, my calendar was wide open for a passion project.

Queue the intro of Modern & Magical

Modern & Magical comes from the idle hands of a global pandemic, but also from the frugalness of its founder. I would often look at things and say "I am not buying that when I can just make it". Did I actually make most of the things I said that about? Well... 

I am Ken, the proud founder and CEO of Modern & Magical. Thank you for being here. Whether you buy anything or not, I am glad you came by.